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Progressive Grocer August 2018

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Whether you’re a supplier or a retailer, we all face the same challenge today: How do I achieve success in a fiercely competitive business environment where it is becoming increasingly challenging to reach consumers immersed in a world of choice and diff erentiation?

One key to driving success in any kind of environment is innovation. With competition in the F&G space heating up in the past few years, brands and retailers have been coming up with new ideas and propositions to stay ahead of the curve. Th ey understand that to survive and thrive in today’s cutthroat market, companies need to embrace innovation approaches for truly unlocking and optimizing the growth potential of every product they launch.

But, while many companies swear to have made innovation a part of their overall strategy, very few have been able to successfully deliver on the promise of true innovation. In this issue of the magazine, our story Breaking the Mold: With Force and Fanfare (page 48), looks at a range of exemplary food products that refl ect inventive thinking in coming up with as-yet-unthought-of concepts and successfully morphing them into products of high quality standards and consumer mainstays.

In selecting these products, we came across several areas of opportunity for innovation: in areas such as health and wellness, meeting the needs of varying demographics, and tapping into the markets for minimally processed foods. Turn the pages and read how savvy companies and retailers are heeding consumers’ demands and posting impressive growth.

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