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Progressive Grocer – April 2021

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For all the disruptions caused by this pandemic, brickand-mortar retailers have a good chance to show how smart they are in the back half of this year. Even putting in place a simple but forward-looking customer strategy can help retailers to take advantage of a rebound in store traffic that’s sure to happen following the ongoing period of dramatic e-commerce growth.

To give just one example, hundreds and thousands of customers can be nudged into visiting the stores by easing on the checkout time. But, this certainly does not mean adding numerous self-checkout stations while neglecting to have the check-lanes staffed by actual people.

It’s not uncommon for customers to have to cool their heels before they can clear the checkout. Quite often, this avoidable experience happens because even though there may be multiple check-lanes with payment terminals, there’s only one or two staffed by people who can quickly scan the purchase and bill the payment.

Grocers should look to invest in heightening their strategic focus on store experience by rolling out contactless payment terminals featuring expanded scan detection range and easy fresh-item lookup to accelerate check-stand throughput. By committing to some smart technology investments designed to advance both customer experience and store efficiency, retailers can grab the opportunity to win back customers who may have migrated to online platforms during the course of this pandemic.

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