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IMAGES RETAIL October 2017

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September has always been a very momentous month for us at IMAGES Group. Th is is the month that we host our flagship event, India Retail Forum (IRF), and its concurrent event, India Omnichannel Forum (IOF), in Mumbai. Th is 14th edition of IRF was held on 19th& 20th September, at Renaissance, Powai. Those of you who attended the event would have your own memories of this mega retail intelligence congregation.

Th is year, both IRF & IOF 2017 discussed the promise, and the potential of the retail industry. They delved deep into the foresight of retail leaders to think ahead and their capability to execute. Th e fora brought together the most thought-provoking leaders as well as the most energetic thinkers of the industry for candid discussion.

IRF 2017 also witnessed the release of our flagship books – India Retail Report 2017-18 & Malls of India 2018. Th e 2-day retail extravaganza culminated in the IMAGES Retail Awards and the IMAGES Retail Technology Awards, the retail industry’s most prestigious honour.

Th e successful conclusion of IRF & IOF 2017 has just opened a new avenue for us, kickstarting our journey into the world’s largest retail democracy. We hope you are already on your way to creating success stories from the experiences shared at IRF 2017. Thank you for joining us in creating a powerful, collaborative atmosphere at IRF 2017. We hope our exploration of the World’s Largest Retail Democracy helped add value to your businesses in the immediate future as well as over the coming years

or those who couldn’t make it to IRF 2017, our October issue of IMAGES Retail magazine should help acquaint you with the theme, and session highlights, although, I have to say that compressing two whole days of an incredible amount of action into a few pages may leave much to be desired. For a closer look, do visit www. indiaretailforum. in and www.indiaretailing.tv, to see all the images, videos, speakers’presentations from the event.

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