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IMAGES RETAIL October 2016

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As it has been for the past 13 years, September was an extremely significant month at IMAGES. The 13th edition of India Retail Forum and the second edition of its concurrent event – India Omnichannel Forum (IOF) – was hosted to great success on September 21st and 22nd in Mumbai.

Those of you who attended the event would have your own memories of the experiences at this mega retail intelligence congregation. We truly hope your investment in IRF 2016 added value to your businesses for the immediate and forseeable future. And for those who were unable to participate, this issue should go some way in acquainting you with some highlights of the event. Although, I have to say that compressing two whole days of an incredible amount of action into a few pages may leave much to be desired. For a closer look, do visit www.indiaretailforum. in and www.indiaretailing.tv, to see all the images, videos, speakers’presentations from the event.

IRF 2016 also saw the roll-out of The IRF Certification Scheme – setting global standards in retail with world’s fi rst consumer centric ‘TRUSTED MARK’. India’s top trade bodies, corporate counsels, economists, consumers, academics, consulting & research organisations, over 100 top global and Indian retailers actively participated in developing this unique customer centric scheme for retailers.

Before the year closes, IRF will be presenting two major regional retail events. Scheduled in December, these will be the inaugural North India Retail Summit and the second edition of the South India Retail Summit. We all know how different these two regions are in terms of consumer behaviour and retail practices. But technology is now increasingly blurring some of these variations. Join us at these events to discover some surprising tales and strategies on how common best-practices are driving divergent retail landscapes.





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