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Images Retail – November 2022

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Celebrating the change agents
A 2020 study by CIO.com has uncovered that over 89% of the tech leaders surveyed spend their time as change agents.As many as 67% regularly make business strategy decisions. Since the past few years, there has been a noticeable shift in the roles and responsibilities of a CIO. Increasingly, CIOs are required to move away from day-to-day technology management and become strategic business leaders with a seat and a say in the boardroom.
The shift in the balance of power became more distinct during the pandemic when not only business continuity but, in many cases, also the survival of a business depended on the CIO and his team.

The CIO continues to be in the driver’s seat in the new normal as retail enterprises scramble to crisis proof their business and experiment with newer business models and channels.

From helping reach customers to ensuring an agile tech-enabled supply chain, helping take informed decisions about the right locations for the next launch, to making hybrid working style work, the CIO’s hands are in every piece of the pie.

At IMAGES Group, we understand the burden of responsibility today’s CIOs must shoulder. And appreciate the significance of their contribution to the evolution of the retail industry.

The IMAGES Retail Technology Icons awards, which we instituted in 2021, was our way to thank and celebrate their body of work. It was the first-ever initiative of its kind to recognise the achievements of India’s most powerful innovators, game-changers and leaders of digital transformation in consumer brands and retail.

This issue is an ode to key CIOs and tech leaders who have cataylsed the transformation of retail. The feature will walk you through their journeys, their achievements, as well as their predictions on how retail will change in the coming years.