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Images Retail – May 2024

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The Trailblazers of Digital Transformation in Indian Retail
The digital transformation of Indian retail continues at a rapid pace. According to a report by McKinsey & Company, digital channels are expected to influence 30% of all retail sales in India by 2025, highlighting the significant role of digital transformation in shaping consumer behaviour and market dynamics.

In addition to influencing how customers shop, the digital wave is sweeping all functions of retail including marketing, HR, supply chain, e-commerce and IT. In the realm of marketing, retail companies are leveraging data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning algorithms to gain deeper insights into consumer behaviour.

In digital retail, companies are investing heavily in robust online platforms and seamless omnichannel experiences. Digital commerce solutions are revolutionising the way retailers conduct business, enabling transactions to occur seamlessly across multiple channels and touchpoints. While technology is at the heart of the transformation, what’s behind it is people—individuals who recognise the power of digital and use it to help their businesses become sharper, stronger, more customer-centric and better. The issue you hold in your hands is an ode to the contribution of several such individuals who are leading the digital charge in their function for their organisations. Featured here are chief information, product or technology oficers, e-commerce, marketing, digital and business heads and other leaders from thelength and breadth of the industry.

Through their vision, expertise, experience and ingenuity these experts are helping their companies transform and succeed while redefining retail in India. Unveiled at the coveted Phygital Retail Convention at Jio World Convention Centre on 8-9 May 2024—this issue is dedicated to the pillars of digital transformation of this dynamic industry. Happy Reading!