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Th e Indian Fashion Retail Industry has helped the country’s everconscious fashion consumers move away from the old saying – ‘When in doubt wear red.’ Th e industry is on a growth trajectory. With around 400 international and national fashion brands operating successfully in the Indian market, it is boom time for the sector. India’s large Millennial population is becoming more and more fashion sensible, owing to the penetration of the Internet and technology. Th is, as well as the shooting popularity of social media, has opened unprecedented retail opportunities for the fashion industry.

In our March 2018 issue – in keeping with our upcoming flagship event, India Fashion Forum on March 13-14, 2018 in Mumbai – we take an insightful look at the inside story on what makes Fashion Retail the most profi table segment for Indian malls. Th e cover story analyses change in consumer income and demographic profi le, and the role technological innovations, cultural shifts, social media and brand endorsements play in the growing standing of fashion retail within malls.

Th is Fashion special edition also brings success stories of various CEOs including Manjula Tiwari, CEO, Future Style Lab and Rajesh Jain, Managing Director & CEO, Lacoste India, two brands that are India’s leading modern trendsetters in the fashion retail sector.

Th e issue’s Retail Dynamics section takes a look at the ethnic wear segment, which is in its revival phase as more malls across India are giving more space to ethnic wear brands. Apart from this, there are reports and studies that promise to be riveting reads.

As always, we hope you fi nd the issued informed and benefi cial. We look forward to seeing you in large numbers at IIF 2018 at Renaissance, Powai in Mumbai next week.


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