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Images Retail – June 2021

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With the second wave of the pandemic, India’s retail sector has had to face a double whammy, even as businesses and consumers were beginning to hope for some light at the end of the tunnel. On a happier note, the nationwide vaccination drive is helping one stay hopeful and look at the times ahead with optimism. Lockdowns all across the nation are slowly getting eased. While retailers are preparing to get started with ofine business, they are more than confident about retailing within the digital domain. Shopper-centric approach, assortment & space planning have emerged as the keypillars for retailers to improve retail experience, sales and loyalty.

The June edition of IMAGES Retail highlights these shifting paradigms exclusively. However, there is no denying the future of retail is digital. Why future, retail at present is steering towards digitalisation and we have had prominent retailers all across industry tell us that.

Retailers, irrespective of their segment or customer base is taking new efforts and reviewing existing processes to update them and walk ahead on the digital transformation road. Digitalisation is indeed a vast arena and it covers every function and varies across domains. However, with retailers embarking on this journey to digitalisation, it does paint a hopeful picture and it shows the resilience with which we have prepared ourselves counting in thedevastating effects of the pandemic.

The edition further presents our readers, some exclusive earmarked insightful reports that specifically present the depth of the market. These reports/analysis presents the ground realities of retail and statistically establishes the trends that we can expect to witness in the days to follow. We are also equally hopeful that the remaining half of 2021 will bring a lot of hope & value to the retailers. Retail is better prepared this time around and is all set to be reborn like a phoenix.
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