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In today’s increasingly connected world, brands and retailers are struggling to get an Omni-channel presence and find ways to appeal the shoppers who are now present on multiple channels. Burgeoning role of the technology has made the job of CIOs/CTOs challenging than ever. In the cover story, which is aptly titled as ‘Retail Technology Leaders envision the future of Retail’ we have spoken to CIOs/CTOs from top notch retail brands across the country. The feature highlights how technology leaders are leveraging technology to smoothly run overall operations and improving margins. In doing so, they are actually helping the brands to get an Omni-channel presence & reach the shoppers, who are everywhere today.

Not only the Retailers, but the Shopping Centres also need to reposition themselves as social spaces with leisure and entertainment being as important as the retail component and there should be a proper collaboration of brick and mortar sales with online presence. The agenda of the 9th edition of India Shopping Centre Forum was partially based on this. Including this, the forum also had who’s who of the Shopping Centre industry trying to fi nd out the key to success of the shopping centres of India and analysing the areas of improvement of this retail space. Our feature on the same will provide you a sneak peak on this informative knowledge series. Images Shopping Centre Awards, which has high regard in the shopping community, was also a part of the two daylong event.

On a concluding note, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the participants of ISCF 2016, whose presence have made the event a grand success and I am soliciting a similar response for the upcoming India Retail Forum 2016 which is scheduled for 21st-22nd September at Renaissance Hotel, Mumbai. I wish to see you all at IRF 2016. Stay tuned to upcoming issues of Images Retail to get more insights on the business of retail.


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