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Merchandising 2.0 – Strategies for Retail Planning Success

Merchandising plays a pivotal role in retail planning and execution. It is the link between sales on the front-end and the supply chain at the back-end. Th e all important 4 Ws: what to sell, when to sell, where to sell, and whom to sell to, of retail are sorted with the help of merchandising. These four W’s are critical for retailers to balance a positive consumer experience, available inventory, and the ability to meet consumer’s future needs in timely manner.

To accurately identify these four W’s, retailers need to devise a holistic merchandising strategy for retail planning success. In this issue we spoke to Buying & Merchandising heads of leading retail brands in India to zero in on the best practices adopted by them.

In the August issue, we also explore in detail, East India’s retail market. East India is an untapped region in India, with the most potential. With the changed political, social and economic conditions and with consumers becoming more aspirational, transformation in the retail scenario has definitely arrived and one can say it is here to stay.

In a quest to understand the potential of East India’s retail market, to actualize and tap into available opportunities, we bring to you the the hidden prospects of the region’s retail scenario. With this article, we hope to facilitate East India’s rising retail pace and bring the market’s potential to the fore for the benefit of the existing players and the new entrants.

Th ere is also a special feature on the luggage retail sector and how the category has evolved from being a necessity to a modern-day fashion accessory.

I bring this issue to you in the hope that you will find it insightful. On a concluding note, I would like to remind our readers about the 2017 annual mega congregation of retail industry at India Retail Forum, which is scheduled for 19th-20th September at Renaissance Hotel, Mumbai. We hope to see you there in large numbers.





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