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The retail industry is going through exciting times. It is on the right track and is surely treading on the ‘road to positivity’. In this issue of IMAGES Retail our cover focus is on the ‘marketing ideas that changed the way consumers shop’. Retail, by definition, has lived many lives. From the familiar brick-and-mortar to the boundary-less e-commerce, each aspires to outlive its competitors by inspiring a new set of attitudes and behaviours in customers. In this ever-changing environment, a few companies have managed to reinvent the shopping experience with well thought strategies that broke the confines of convention, stayed true to customer needs, and changed the game in their categories forever. Each one of these are revolutionary landmarks that have gone beyond creating a unique retail experience to engaging customers and turning competitors into mere imitators. Savvy retailers know that maximizing profits means smart marketing; the cover story of our April issue captures eight of the most well-known case studies across 5 categories in India, i.e., E-Commerce, Food & Groceries, Quick Service Restaurants, Electronics, Fashion, and an international case.

n this issue we have also covered in detail about the East India Retail Summit, which is the only regional retail summit of that region, the fourth edition of which was held in Kolkata’s ITC Sonar on March 18th. The day-long event featured a wide-ranging conference addressed by powerful retail leaders and analysts, and an exhibition of retail innovation and retail real estate. The daylong event which discussed the scope of retail sector in Eastern India saw the presence of business leaders from across the region who joined the summit to discuss and share information about the trends that are there in the market.

We hope that you find this issue insightful and on its part it will help you in charting your future course of action

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