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Images Business Of Fashion – December 2022

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From ethnic wear to footwear, the growth of the Indian fashion industry is spectacular. It’s believed that the industry will touch $106 billion by 2026. When brands, from Uniqlo to Hidesign, keep adding more stores, manifesting the state of the industry, the number doesn’t seem far-fetched.

Amidst these developments, often our usual fixation is on how businesses are performing and the attempts to gauge their cumulative growth. Seldom does it occur to us, let’s say in an interview, that we should ask the main person or the mind behind the business questions ranging from personal aspiration to the journey accomplished so far interspersed with words of wisdom. It’s crucial, given that the much-discussed positive growth numbers are possible only when the strategic plans are executed under strong and wise leadership. The combination of the right strategies and the leading will to execute them.

In this issue, 50 Fashion Brand Icons, People Shaping the Fashion Landscape, we have attempted to present these minds and to bring out the strengths and insights that have helped them shape brands, sustain their values as well as growth. Like Steve Jobs’ vision and skills helping build Apple and turning it into a trillion-dollar brand. The objective is to present to our readers these minds or leaders with insights and wise words, to mention some, which they have accumulated over the years.

Owing to the size of the industry, not all could be featured in this issue printed on recycled paper, a part of our commitment to a greener planet. This is a green edition – using Favini Shiro Echo, an environmental paper with 100% recycled fibres – from cover to cover. Shiro Echo paper is CO2 emissions neutralised, and all raw materials are sourced from controlled and certified sources. Do take a look on the left side of this page to view the oficial certification. We have broken up the list and featured the first fifty profiles arranged in alphabetical order. I am of the view that their aspirations, achievements, insights and wise words would throw light on what it takes to build a legacy.

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