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Dear all,
The world has become diverse, but with smaller moving parts. There are major trends, but they are being broken down into many variants. One such trend is sportswear, which is being fanning out into various parts – athleisure, activewear, gym wear, kids sportswear and much more.

The burgeoning appreciation for healthier lifestyles, across the globe and in India, has paved way for what has been touted as one of the most profound cultural changes of the 20th century –staying fit. Fitness is no longer a buzzword, but an expected standard! The era of self awareness, spearheaded by the millennial generation is now apparent in the wardrobes of the consumers across all age groups. The challenge is to find out what the customer wants and how the retailer is going to provide it.

In the November 2018 Sportswear Special of IMAGES Business of Fashion, we bring you a detailed look at the fact that ‘Sports-leisure’ is no longer a trend, but a fundamental shift in how the world dresses today. We bring you the details of the fast-emerging categories of Sportswear and Athleisure in India.

Delving deep into the subject, the issue defines the size of the market, outlines opportunities for retailers, evaluates key trends and showcases innovations. Apart from this, we bring you market leaders in categories and deep dive into what makes the successful.

The edition also bring you studies on sportswear trends in the country from wellrespected consulting giants Euromonitor International and Technopak

We hope you find our sportswear special issue – a part of our ongoing attempt at showcasing fresh new thoughts and visions on sportswear trends in India – useful and insightful, as always.

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