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Images Business Of Fashion – May 2023

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Lately, we have been witnessing varied spring-summer ranges. Complementing them are the new retail points in new destinations, from HRX’s first physical store to Lee’s another store. Amidst these, what caught our attention was the recent move by Pou Chen to invest in India. It has also left us to speculate on who else will soon follow suit against the backdrop of rising geopolitical tensions between China and the US and the impacts they will generate.

This, at the same time, encourages us to think that we should adopt a robust two-pronged strategy of much-needed reliance on exports and a thriving domestic consumption to ensure that we remain shielded, if not entirely, from any global turbulence. In the country with the largest population and prospective high dividends, there is enough room for any ambitious economictargets as well as for businesses to have great aspirations.

Moreover, a rise in disposable income, more people joining the workforce, and markets becoming more organized, to name a few, create more opportunities. This has prompted us to find out how the factors have impacted another highly unorganized market, ethnic wear. Although it has grown rapidly and its landscape has witnessed major shifts with the entry of retail giants, it remains to be seen how dynamic it will become in the coming years. I hope you enjoy our analysis as well as the industry leaders’ observations in this edition.

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