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Images Business Of Fashion – May 2020

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We all are amidst a global crisis without any real clarity on how soon we will see normalcy. The COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged economies across the world and has left businesses grappling with disruptions, with many anticipating fi nancial and operational consequences.

The fashion retail sector is no exception to these unforeseen circumstances. Players across the value chain are struggling to fi nd ways to contend with the full range of eff ects – to their operations, communities and supply chains. The disruption is felt across all businesses, and as a business owner myself, I know how incredibly hard it is for everyone.

It’s been more than 40 days since the last fashion product was sold in India. Stores are closed, manufacturing is on a grinding halt and e-commerce has been limited to essentials only. While the pandemic has reduced ourbusinesses to rubble, the onus is on us to ensure that we do not allow this crisis to narrow our fi eld of vision because, it is still just a temporary challenge. Sooner or later the crisis will end and all that will matter is – how businesses endured this unprecedented phase to prepare theircontingency plan for the future.

And this is where this one off issue of IMAGES
Business of Fashion is going to help you. This issue brings forth a wealth of knowledge for players across the fashion retail value chain – right from fi nancial statistics of the pandemic on the sector, marketing and communication strategies employed by smart brands as well as insights into post-pandemic consumer behavior drawn from global markets where operations have resumed. We also have a slew of fashion leaders who expatiate on the strategies they have utilized for their respective brands, so that we can adopt them in our own capacities to help stabilize our businesses now and fortify it for the future.

Finally, in precarious times such, I would personally want to harness the power of optimism. Let us all take this as a rare opportunity to refl ect, introspect and bring about the overdue changes required to take our businesses and the industry to the next level. Let us all take a step beyond the otherwise fairly transactional relationship with our consumers and make an indelible impression beyond what they knew was fashion retail. Wising you all the best,

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