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Trousers are not what they used to be during my younger years, to say the least. Infact the entire template of a trouser has changed. Back in the day, trouser referred to a simple, utilitarian pair of long legged garment reserved strictly for formal occasions. But today, the word trousers encompasses such a diverse array of bottom wear, that it reduces yesteryear’s trouser to just a sexagenerian memory.

The trouser’s market in India has seen a recent but significant preference shift. Yet, as claimed by designer Raghavendra Rathore in the report Bespoke Trousers in this issue, this wardrobe staple will still need 2-3 years in India to graduate to a central level of the wardrobe. This, actually, indicates to a healthy buzz in the trouser market which is picking up momentum rapidly. As sized by the experts from Technopak in the lead research, the bottom wear market excluding denims is estimated to be worth `39,022 crores in 2016 for men, women and kids. It is estimated that this market segment will grow at a CAGR of 10 percent for the next ten years and is estimated to reach `89,392 crores by 2026.

The trousers market in India is dominated by the men’s segment which comprises around 72 percent of the entire market. But its the women’s section, which only accounts for a meagre ~4 percent, that has outpaced the men’s in terms of evolution. From fabrics, styles, fi ts, stitches, cuts to frills and silhouettes, the options and innovations in this segment is as vast as the horizon itself. Also, the women’s trouser category is expected to grow at a CAGR of 11 percent for the next decade in contrast to the men’s segment that, according to industry experts, is poised for an 8 percent CAGR growth.

his issue also gives an insight on the prevailing trouser trends through two special features. In one, industry experts from Celio, ColorPlus, Indigo Nation, etc., talk about the latest domestic market trends and in the other, veteran fashionista Meher Castelino discusses the trouser trends and innovations off the Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2017 runway. Also, present is an in-depth feature that traces the size, nature and future of the trousering fabric market as perceived by majors like Siyaram, Raymonds, etc.

Also, in commomoration of the International Women’s Day, we talk to and present the journeys of a few eminent women enterpreneurs who have made lasting impressions in the fashion business.

Last but not the least, we present to you the India Fashion Forum 2017 curtain raiser, the mention of which, reminds me to invite you once again to this year’s edition of the IFF which will be held at the Renaissance, Mumbai on the 12th and 13th of April 2017. Hope to see you all there!!


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