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Images Business Of Fashion June 2016

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We, in India, spend our entire school lives in them, and then when we graduate to the work world, the fi rst thing we are dictated is to “dress the part”, of which The Shirt is invariably the point of focus. Even those of us who do not harbour any particular affi nity for dress shirts didn’t have much options but to oblige. With evolving times, preferences of consumers underwent massive change. Indian consumers today are embracing the idea of fashion as a means of self-expression, and not merely as a functional purchase. The new generation is now at greater liberty from the traditionalist’s sartorial template. And shirts have evolved. Shirts continue to be the largest men’s apparel category, and are now also one of the fastest growing categories in women’s wear. Understand the emerging consumer base and staying ahead therefore has become a big challenge for almost all brands in India.

In this, the June Shirts Special, issue of Images BoF we size the shirts market in India across its varied segments and study top trends in it. Apart from elaborately discussing the shirts market in India, BoF’s shirt special issue covers the pressing subjects of the shirt industry. Raymond’s Brand Director Sumeet Soni discussing the nuances involved in establishing a ready to wear shirt brand, seasoned brand strategist Nischal

Puri details the nascent stage and the untapped potential of the women’s shirt segment. Also, the fact that made to measure is the new buzzword of the country that hesitated to accept readymade garments till the late 80’s stands as a testimonial to the ever evolving preferences of the Indian consumer. We study, as well as present, the top corporates that have ventured into this domain. We have top designers accentuating on the imperative need of innovation in men’s shirt. In addition, the issue also features detailed accounts on the evolving preferences and innovations of shirting fabrics that are fast changing the face of the industry. Iconic shirt ads, Bollywood’s romance with shirts. Lots more shirt facts in the issue.

This edition indeed makes a powerful attempt at analyzing the trends and consumption behaviour of the Indian shirt’s market to aid upcoming as well as existing brands establish a strong brand equity. We also present Milano Unica’s Fall Winter 17-18 trends, report on one year of Liva’s association with the ever fashionable Kangana Ranaut, and showcase the iconic Massimo Dutti brand that has just entered India




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