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Images Business Of Fashion May 2016

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The knitwear industry in India is evolving and changing. Knitwear was once considered a sunshine industry due to its stellar role as the leader in exports sector. And while this side has seen its ups and downs, the ever-growing domestic consumption and booming preferences are giving the knitted products a new momentum. The domestic knitwear market is emerging as an extremely lucrative consideration for brands and retailers.

This, the May issue of Images Business of Fashion is dedicated to the study of this very category. As an issue lead, experts from Technopak layout the core facts and stats that outline the size, scale and dimensions of the game. This is followed by expert features on the trends and growth drivers of the Indian knitwear industry. We do a market roundup on the industry with the top brands. Also with the vast evolution that has taken place it was pertinent to study all the key segments individually. These various categories in knitwear are gaining strong individual traction. For one, T-shirts have made a huge impact into the wardrobe of India which once was a country of shirts. The ease of just slipping into a t-shirt, the wider options of pairing a tee with almost anything, and the fashion innovations possible on it, have made it a strong replacement investment. There is also huge interest around active wear and sportswear which is led by the youth. Innerwear ranges are now much more wider. Leggings have turned both Indian and western women’s wear categories on their head. Hybrid categories like loungewear have grown manifold. Winters in India have lost their chill and the winter wear market has had to innovate, but we do invoke some nostalgia as well with a profi le of Pringle of Scotland, the fi rst luxury knitwear manufacturer in the world. We also look at other innovations that new-age knitting technology has been spawning. Lots of insights for anyone interested in knitwear.

Also, as promised, in this issue we present a report on the grand India Fashion Forum Exhibition arena which provided a great platform for many major fashion brands, retailers, tech and retail support companies to showcase and grow. The presenters of IFF–Exclusively.com also share their thoughts. IFF 2016 also hosted the annual NIFT alumni meet where the memories, hopes and suggestions fl owed freely.

Please don’t miss the exclusive interview of fashion legend Venkatesh Rajgopal, CMD, Indian Terrain; and the dynamic Vinay Chatlani, MD and CEO of Soch. There was also lots happening in the retail industry at the beginning of a new fi nancial year. News of the brand launches, store launches, expansions, etc. We bring all the buzz to you

We hope you enjoy reading the issue.

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