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Dear all,

If you take a look around, chances are that 8 out of 9 people around you are dressed in casual clothes – denims, t-shirts, polos, tops, etc. Casual is the new uniform of the modern age and we see people wearing them everywhere – the grocery store, the movies, the mall, to school, out to lunch with friends, to dinner dates, the office… everywhere

Today, almost everyone, from New Delhi to London and anywhere in between, are more concerned with comfort and practicality than style and trends and that’s the sole reason why casual wear has taken the globe by storm. It’s so convenient after all and gives you the freedom you have always craved – freedom to choose how we present ourselves to the world; freedom to diminish the lines between men and women, old and young, rich and poor.

In India as all over the world, the casual wear market has exploded in the last few years. Changing lifestyles, higher disposable incomes, home grown brands bringing contemporary international fashion to Indian stores and well known international brands setting up business in India, etc. – a profusion of factors have culminated to give impetus to the changing fashion sensibilities of the Indian populace. Also, a surprising fact that confounded me is the fact that when it comes to casual wear India is at par with global trends.

Also, the term casual wear has evolved into a broad term that covers a gamut of products – ranging from office and workplace casuals on one end of the spectrum to beachwear on the other. However, the boundaries between the different kinds of casual wear are fast blurring and the typical Indian consumer now prefers to use casual wear interchangeably in diff erent occasions.

Overall, this edition indeed makes a powerful attempt at analysing the trends and consumption behaviour of the Indian casual wear market to aid upcoming as well as existing brands establish a strong brand equity. I hope you all find the issue as informative and as enjoyable as we enjoyed putting it together!

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