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Images Business Of Fashion – April 2023



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Each year when I look forward to the India Fashion Forum (IFF), I find it natural to feel an anxiety that only rises and settles when it’s finally over. Over the years, I have realised that it’s the energy and surprises that the industry leaders and the audience bring to the gathering that create it. If the last edition was the best convergence of the year, then the 22nd edition was bigger and had fresher energy, and everything that happened or was shared there manifested the precise pulse of the industry.

The two-day event, held at the Conrad Bengaluru, was an extensive learning experience shared by people with handson experience in the industry. These are individuals who have built brands from scratch; leaders who have introduced global brands that have created their prominence in the market; industry experts who have been observing the market with a keen eye; designers who have created collection after collection; and retailers who have helped products reach the last mile. Their convergence at one place to share what they have done, which innovations they have discovered, what mantra has worked for them, and what the industry expects makes the forum all the more profound.

To give you an overview, we have featured some of the sessions in this issue. Find out in this issue who shared the most interesting ideas, who ruled the evenings, and who has been recognised for their achievements and contributions. Last but not least, as a part of our commitment to a green planet, in addition to using recycled paper, we have used soya ink to print this issue. Compared to traditional petroleum-based ink, it’s more environmentally friendly. I do hope you enjoy the issue.

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