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FoodService India September-October 2019

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Will dining out lose ground in our digital age? I don’t think so, even though take-away and delivery services in particular are gaining ground. Delivery services provide a certain demographic with a fast and efficient food service, but I believe that restaurants also provide an experience for traditionalists and enthusiasts, who will continue to support the industry long into the future.

We shouldn’t underestimate the overall dining experience afforded by a brick and mortar restaurant. We can see convenience and guests who are strapped for time being a major trend in the market today. So, offering an engaging dining experience today calls for always maintaining the ethos of ‘never let your takeaway business interfere with your restaurant guests’ experience’. After all, a restaurant can also provide a take-away and catering service, but not the other way round. Restaurants should therefore position themselves more as a household brand offering a premium family dinner experience.

In terms of foodstuff, demand for ‘green’ items are on the rise. Consumers today have become more conscious of mindfulness, health, well-being and environmental issues related to both food production and food consumption. In general, people are now asking more questions about their own eating behaviors and food choices. Restaurants should come forward to provide for a lot more healthy, vegetarian and vegan options, mostly because today’s diners are gravitating towards this approach to cooking and eating. To meet this growing demand, restaurants need to become more mindful about sourcing products such as seasonal salads and local produce.

So, have a broad menu on offer but encourage the guests to choose greener options more often. And continue with your menu innovation to help guests make a ‘greener’ choice. Restaurants that strive to become a place where guests are assured of tasty and healthy treats and where they can be spoilt by motivated and engaged hospitality professionals, will prevail and survive in the digital world.

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