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Shopping Centre News – March 2020

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75th Edition of Shopping Centre News

With its February 2020 edition, Shopping Centre News has reached a significant milestone – its Platinum Issue.

In 2008, Shopping Centre News was incepted with a vision that was far-reaching – to create a magazine that is a knowledge resource centre which collects, analyses and disseminates information on the Indian Shopping Centre Industry in all its aspects of operations.

Over the years, Shopping Centre News magazine has more than hit the mark. Today, it seeks to build and inspire a body of focused research into the architecture and design aspects of shopping centres. It also aims to encourage the development of sophisticated management paradigms and maintenance methods, keeping in context global benchmarks. Finally, it aims to be a bridge between shopping centre developers and the retail community, to help forge mutually profitable relationships.

In this special 75th Edition of Shopping Centre News we bring you a roundup of the giants of the Indian shopping centre industry – those who have been honoured by IMAGES Group for upping the ante and many an eyebrow over the years; who have set benchmarks, and created landmarks at a time when the digital media explosion is challenging retail businesses and environments to reinvent and redraw their approach to consumers. We tell you about mall developers who are responding to the mushrooming consumerism in India, responding to evolving customer demands with a combination of value-added services, technology, innovation and a sound marketing strategy.

There is also a special mention of malls who have understood that Phy-gital – a retail environment in which physical and digital experiences merge together seamlessly and complement each other in order to offer the consumer a single, positive, integrated experience – is the future. These mall developers are embracing emerging technologies to ensure consumers stay connected, engaged and keep coming back, proving that brick-and-mortar retail is not dead in the digital media era.

As always, we hope you find this issue informed and beneficial.

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