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Clubbed with factors like easy bank loans, the real estate industry has experienced growth in the last few decades. What’s fascinating is that many families are now buying their fi rst homes or getting their existing ones upgraded and when I say many, it is yet not a commendable number keeping in mind the potential of India. Also considering this with the growth of lifestyle aspirations in the middle class this is further giving a boost to the home fashion market. And now, with the growing options available for beautifying living spaces, home fashion has become a necessity even amongst the bourgeois. This remarkable development has compelled us to study the Home Fashion Industry in the September issue Business of Fashion

As an issue lead, experts layout the core stats that outline the size and potential of the home fashion industry. This is followed by a detailed feature on trends and growth drivers of the game, which is a market roundup by the leading brands and retailers, both online and offline, in the segment. What’s really positive about this is that the Indian players see the new international entrants like IKEA as a welcome phenomenon, as it will only increase the importance of the category. We also profile a few players in the segment who are ruling the roost in the Home Fashion market and are here to stay for long.

India is known to be a country of festivals and with the festive season just here, painting the nation with colours, lights and joy, fashion brands and retailers have geared up with their best collections. We focus on the chief factors leading to sales growth of various fashion brands during the Festive Season. The issue narrows down the key trends that drive the festive season sales, and the strategies adopted by the retailers to promote the festive collection.

We also take a look at the Wear.Style Bangalore Fashion Week: Winter 2016, which encompassed myriad designers launching their essentials for the upcoming season. As also the Garment Show of India (GSI), and Galleria Intima’s 2016 edition, the sourcing show for intimate apparel professionals.

Please don’t miss a detailed chapter on the state of India spinning industry and how the Indian spinners are going through a difficult phase, despite the cotton prices being reasonably low; and NIFT pens a chapter on how companies maintain “green” in their different parameters of supply chain. In addition, the issue also looks into the evolution of Levi’s with its next stage of innovation. We also talk to Paul Dillinger, VP of Global Innovations, LS&CO, about the developments in the brand. Overall, this is a complete must have issue of the magazine, perfectly in time with the festive seasons.







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