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The Indian woman’s socio-economic positioning has witnessed unprecedented changes over the current millennia. From being confined and restricted to emerging as one of the most powerful forces of fashion retail, the journey has indeed been eventful. Yet, the dramatic changes that this industry has been subjected to remains hitherto unmapped.

We dedicate this issue to the Indian women’s wear business. And while we map its size, growth, challenges and trends we also showcase some of the promising players in women’s wear today. Contributing 38 percent to the total apparel market of the country, this segment is fast moving and is expected to be at par with the men’s wear segment by 2020. Although the women’s wear space is still largely dominated by unorganized players, in recent times, many modern players of national and international repute have entered the market. As of 2015, the women’s wear market was worth ` 1,02,358 crores (USD 17,059 million) and is expected to grow at a CAGR slightly higher than 10 percent to reach ` 2,89,518 crores (USD 48,253 million) by 2025. Creating home grown women’s wear brands of signifi cant scale has also been a challenge and thus the emergence of players like Biba, W, Rupa, Dollar Missy,109 0 F, Latin Quarters, Deal Jeans, Swee, Global Desi, Amante, etc., who we study should shed light onto the many possible success mantras. Some very intriguing expert interactions with Srikant Velu, President, Sangam India Ltd., Rohit Gupta, General Manager, Rupa Softline, and Richa Pania, Sales & Marketing Director, Swee Shapewear, on the Indian innerwear industry.

This issue is a precursor to our special project the Women’s Lifestyle in India book, in which we will trace the evolution and top trends in women’s wear in greater detail, as well look at certain key fashion categories and trace their evolution and prospects in greater detail.

Along with the women’s wear section, the issue also dedicates focus on the footwear industry in India, that has evolved as a fashion and style category from its erstwhile “just a basic need” slant. The exhaustive study of the footwear industry meticulously outlines the evolution, market size, growth & segmentation, consumption statistics, the newly emerging luxury footwear market in India, as well as retail trends and developments in the Indian footwear industry.

Also, in an exclusive interview, Paul Coxhill, Global Chief Marketing Officer, WGSN shares the fashion forecasting giant’s huge ambitions for India and outlines how Indian fashion players can benefit from WGSN’s bouquet. We also look at the recent makeover at Reliance Trends that is drawing rave reviews. And lots more…

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