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Images Business Of Fashion – March 2023

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As we gear up for the 22nd edition of India Fashion Forum (IFF) in Bengaluru, I am reminded of how we have risen as phoenixes and the strength on which we have built this industry with grit and will continue to do so. The long and dark spell of the pandemic is already behind us. However, the devastation it brought has taught us a hard lesson and helped us prepare for any harsh reality that could catch usby surprise.

It’s been a year since the previous IFF, and a few years since we had last crawled out of prolonged isolation. With the past clear in mind, the present more consolidated, and the future ever more hopeful, we look forward to another exciting innings.

I firmly believe that the 22nd edition of IFF will be a much bigger convergence of the industry fraternity. Chaired by industry leader Shailesh Chaturvedi, the forum will witness the presence of the industry’s movers and shakers, who will expound their views on some of the industry’s pressing issues. I look forward to meeting you.

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