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Images Business Of Fashion – March 2021

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Dear All,
As work and home spaces overlap, comfort and versatility have taken precedence for all, leading to new the invention of new offerings from brands and retailers – apparel that can easily transition from work from home to grocery-runs and social-media appearances.
With a major part of the world still restricted to their homes, fashion senses have started gravitating towards comfortable yet presentable clothes. Due to this, the demand for casual wearhas skyrocketed globally post the lockdown.

The work from home model has impacted workwear wardrobe choices greatly. With most corporate offices relaxing the formal wear rule, comfortable power dressing is key in the new normal. Office goers working from the confines of their home have gravitated tosmart casuals. The shift has been instinctive and the casualwear category, which is fulfilling the requirements of the trend, is in great demand. It has captured the market in a way it never has before. The fashion industry has taken note of this new cultural shift and brands are aggressively marketing their casualwear category.

The March 2021 issue of IMAGES Business of Fashion highlights the change in dynamics of this category as heralded by the Coronavirus pandemic. The issue takes a look at how brands areshifting stance to face the burgeoning demand for casualwear, the challenges and the opportunities offered.

The issue also brings for the opinion of a slew of fashion leaders who expound on the innovations and strategies they have utilized for their respective brands, so that we can adopt them in our own capacities to help stabilize our businesses now and fortify it for the future.

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