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Images Business Of Fashion – August 2023

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Often, our fixation is on the performances of businesses and the attempts to gauge their cumulative growth. It seldom occurs to us to find out the leading person or the mind behind the business. Given that the good numbers are possible only when the strategic plans are executed under determined and wise leadership, it’s crucial to have the right person at the helm to execute them. But what if the person is someone who wears many hats a day, a woman business leader?

In this issue, we have brought to you these top she bosses from the fashion industry. The noble objective is to present to our readers these leaders with insights and wise words, to mention some, which they have accumulated over the years. This is our sincere endeavor to celebrate and acknowledge their remarkable achievements.

However, owing to the size of the industry, not all could be featured in this issue. I am of the view that their aspirations, achievements, insights and wise words would throw light on what it takes to build a legacy.

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