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Dear all,
In all these years, consumer preferences have exhibited massive evolution in the fashion segment in India. We all from the fashion industry are aware how the Indian consumer is now embracing the idea of fashion as a means of self-expression, and not merely as a functional purchase. The new generation is now at greater liberty from the traditionalist’s sartorial template. Overall, the entire definition of fashion has changed. Yet, there is one category that has endured the test of time and is still one of the most popular apparel categories around the globe – Formal Wear.

The formal wear market has witnessed a remarkable change from its functional roots in the years gone by. The Indian youth today exhibits a pronounced inclination for trendy, modish and comfortable formal wear that aligns with the latest trends. His rising expectation has compelled brands and retailers to come up with various innovations to be able to raise the bar.

In this issue of BoF, we look at the everexpanding market of formal wear in India, the innovations that have come up to keep abreast of changing times and preferences and the latest trends in the Indian market today. Apart from elaborately discussing the dynamics of some of the most popular product categories in this segment, the edition also talks about the challenges formal wear faces in India.

A feature on the growing trend of Made-to- Measure services in formal wear stands as a testimonial to the progressive Indian consumer, who had, till the 80s, hesitated to accept readymade garments.

As a whole, this edition makes a powerful attempt at analysing prevailing trends and the consumption behaviour of the Indian formal wear market to aid upcoming as well as existing brands establish a strong brand equity in today’s volatile times.


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