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FoodService India January-February 2020

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We spoke to some of the leading chefs, F&B Heads, restauranteurs for the cover story 2020 Ahoy: Foodservice trends that will rule the roost (page 24) to get a fair idea about the break-out themes and concepts that will shape and shake up the industry in the coming months. The experts we spoke to said that customers today wantto get the best out of the experience… the most health, the most fl avor, the most satiety, the most bang for the buck.

To be on the right side of this growing bulge of demanding customers, the foodservice industry needs to whip itself up in a frenzy of constant improvement. Restaurants, F&B players and industry stakeholders need to keep innovating at a fast pace because customers expect a better-experience-than-before all the time.

Asked to call out the ingredients and name the food thematic trends that will appeal to the customers, the experts opined that consumers will increasingly seek foods and beverages that enhance cognitive and digestive function and those that boost physical appearance and performance. With people inhabiting an increasingly busy lifestyle, their main food and ingredient concern will be to look for their micro/macro nutrients even as consumer palates will shift to shun sugar and high-carb diets.

Based on what the industry experts predict, expect the plantbased food trend to push vegetables to the centre of the plate.

There will be a growing acceptance and popularity of root vegetables and a growing demand for exotic vegetables like cassava, yams, parsnips, jicama…. We will see new types of greens like those that are hydroponically grown and greens moving out of salad bowls and into beverages.

Read our cover story to get an informed lowdown on the culinary and dining trends that will be the star turns of the year as it unspools over the coming months. Here’s hoping some high-octane excitement and innovation in the foodservice industry as it preps up for the developments about to catch fire and capture our imagination.

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