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FoodService India January-February 2019

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Typically around the New Year, a lot of resolutions are made to follow a healthier diet. Over the years, health consciousness has increased and is therefore trending throughout the year. We look at some trends that will likely emerge stronger in the days ahead. The perception of “healthy” varies from person to person and the trick is to identify what reduces the “guilt quotient” and build on that. The point to remember is that people have a great love relationship with their food and thus if it becomes “free” of everything – sugar, salt, artificial items, gluten and so on… then, well, it becomes a medicine. It is crucial to identify the boundaries and draw a line.

A good beginning would be to bring back grandma’s recipes… from turmeric in milk, ginger & lime to various millets of yore. All of them will come back with a vengeance. Restaurants and cafés to breakfast cereals to snack food manufacturers, this is a trend that cannot be missed. The nostalgic flavors from our rich cultural past– the lip-smacking street-side delights to our long forgotten grandmas’ recipes will all see a huge comeback.

A strong trend emerging is the growing popularity of seeds, which are no longer only for birds. From breads to energy bars to trail mixes and even (believe it or not!) beverages. This trend will sweep across segments. If it can be “seeded”, it will be. There is also a growing interest about bacteria in foods. Not the baddies but the good bacteria. Did you manage to incorporate your daily dose of the good ones coming through yoghurt, kombucha, pickles? Should see this trend explode into even desserts like ice-creams, fermented foods, et al. Gut health and probiotics is in. That’s not toforget the fact that what’s healthy for some will be poison for the other but it has to be addressed.

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