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First of all, I would like to wish a very happy new year to you. I sincerely hope that this year turns out to be prosperous both for you and your business.

As per tradition, we begin this new year with the Brands in India Special annual edition. This special edition is a part of our mission to catalyze fashion retail business in India. The issue helps in aiding retailers with a survey that catalogues fashion brands based on their current status on the market. It also elucidates upon the brand identities, consumer trends that they satisfy in an attempt to help the Indian fashion retailers build a highly profitable business around it. It traces and presents dominant as well as emerging brands that defined the year in fashion.

While we showcase brands, we also ponder upon the art of creating a brand. In fashion, creativity and business go together. How does one turn a piece of garment into a composite entity that seemingly represents a whole range of emotions? While creating a brand is ephemeral, the business attached to it is endlessly complex. You will notice as you flip through the pages, that just as the issue captivates heavyweights from the big league, we also feature the rising stars.

Gujarat is one of the leading industrial states in India, and in the textile and fashion industry in particular. We, at IMAGES Business of Fashion, were keen to take our great connect with Gujarat textile, fashion and retail business to a next level. IMAGES BoF, in its December, 2015 issue, covered some significant fashion brands and manufacturers from Surat, namely Manjula Fashions, Nakshatra Creations, Romy Lace, Shivam Prints, Vivek Fashion, Mukesh International, Krishna Terine, Priya Fabrics, Parvati Fabrics Collection, R K Green Vogue, Allol Sarees, Fiona and G3 Fashions.

In this issue the January 2016 issue, we take our connect with Gujarat’s fashion and lifestyle brands and retailers to the next level. We focus on the Ahmedabad region this time and showcase the star retailers and brands rooted in the magnificent city.

In the February issue we will showcase the leading textile and fashion ingredient and support players from Gujarat.

I hope that as you read through the issue you find success stories that inspire you

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